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Ozone therapy applied to COVID-19

Application Route: Ozonized Saline Solution (O3SS)

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Organizational criteria of the course

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  • Strengthen the online training of professionals in ozone therapy with a view to supporting the work of confronting COVID-19.
  • Inform the preliminaries of the clinical trial carried out in COVID-19 with Ozonized Saline Solution (O3SS) in a Hospital.
  • Promote good clinical practice and the proper medical use of ozone.

The course has been designed taking into account the “Madrid Declaration on Ozone Therapy”, ISCO3, 3rd ed., 2020 (

Course aimed at

Physicians, dentists, veterinarians and other health professionals with experience and knowledge in ozone therapy. The Ozonized Saline Solution (O3SS), like any other route of application of ozone therapy, is a medical act and must be carried out under the direct responsibility and supervision of an expert doctor in ozone therapy.

Course Contents

  • Presentation 1. Ozone as a disinfectant, efficacy and toxicity risks. Gregorio Martínez. 00:37:28
  • Presentation 2. COVID-19 pathophysiology. Esteban González 00:31:03
  • Presentation 3. Experiences and results of the application of Ozonized Saline Solution (O3SS) in hospitalized patients with COVID-19. Adriana Schwartz. 01:51:28
  • Presentation 4. Bases and mechanisms of action of Ozonized Saline Solution (O3SS). Adriana Schwartz. 1:02:44
  • Presentation 5. Mechanisms of ozone in COVID-19. Gregorio Martínez. 01:17:26
  • Presentation 6. Basis of the application routes of the Ozone Saline Solution (O3SS). Gregorio Martínez. 01:19:06

Please take into account: Dr. Schwartz’s presentations have English audio available. The other professors presentations have Spanish audio with English subtitles. All power points presentations are in English.

Teaching staff of course

Dr. Adriana Schwartz

MD, Spain. Gynecology and Obstetrics.
Master, anesthesia and regional analgesia guided by ultrasound and fluoroscopy.
Certification, Regenerative Medicine Care Point.
Director, Fiorela Clinic, Madrid.
Scientific Director , Fiorela Clinical Institute, San Pedro Sula (Honduras).
President, AEPROMO (Spanish Association of Medical Professionals of Ozone Therapy).
President, IMEOF (International Federation of Medical Ozone).
Scientific secretary , ISCO3 (International Scientific Committee of Ozone Therapy).
Director, Ozone Therapy Global Journal (former Spanish Magazine of Ozone Therapy).
Director and professor, 270-hour Diploma “Ozone Therapy and Ozonized Growth Factors” , Aepromo. Five diplomas have already been completed.
Author of 14 articles and two books.

Dr. Gregorio Martínez Sánchez

Pharmacist, Italy. Ph.D Cum Laude.
Expert in oxidative stress.
Member, AEPROMO (Spanish Association of Ozone Therapy Medical Professionals).
President, ISCO3 (International Scientific Committee of Ozone Therapy).
Member, Editorial Board, Editorial Committee and Evaluation Committee, Ozone Therapy Global Journal (former Spanish Journal of Ozone Therapy).
Professor, 270-hour Diploma « Ozone Therapy and Ozonized Growth Factors », Aepromo. Five diplomas have already been completed.
Author of around 140 publications and monographs, and 19 books.

Dr. Esteban González

Spain. Internal Medicine. Director, Clínica Canarias.
Member of the board of directors, AEPROMO (Spanish Association of Ozone Therapy Medical Professionals).
Member, Editorial Board, Evaluation Committee, Ozone Therapy Global Journal (former Spanish Journal of Ozone Therapy).
Professor, 270-hour Diploma “Ozone Therapy and Ozonized Growth Factors”, Aepromo. Five diploma courses have already been held.

Coments from students

“Thank you for sharing so much knowledge. The truth, pleasantly impressed by the pathophysiological depth being addressed. ”

“I took an ozone therapy course in the USA and although many topics are covered, they are not covered to the depth established here.”

“A special thanks and sincere congratulations for the contents, since they are both of the highest quality and a pleasant understanding.”
“I really don’t think anyone who has invested in acquiring knowledge is going to be disappointed because they are many of a high level and slow digestion”.
“The truth, pleasantly impressed by this course.”

Methodological suggestion to study

View the course contents in the same order as listed from 1 to 6 (see Course Contents), in order to get more out of the course. It is not advisable to skip the recommended order.

Methodological points
to take into account

The student will be able to see the recordings as many times as he wishes. The student acquires the obligation not to download or copy them to third parties. The organization will not send documentation to the students of any of the contents of the course nor does it promise to send them in the future. The organization does not undertake to respond in writing to written questions from students.

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