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  • It regulates cellular oxidative stress, helping to strengthen antioxidant factors and fight free antiradicals.

  • It causes an increase in O2 metabolism in the case of tissue hypoxia.

  • Modulates the autoimmune activity. Ozone can activate the production of cytokines from monocytes and lymphocytes in the peripheral blood. These cellular interactions produced by ozone are very similar to the physiological processes that occur in the body to keep the immune system in an active state. That is why no adverse effects are observed with the application of this therapy.

  • It has a high bactericidal and germicidal power. The germicidal action of ozone is based on the formation of toxic molecules such as the hydrogen atom, and very toxic free radicals, which are toxic to anaerobic microorganisms, which can help endogenous enzymatic systems capable of breaking down these products and eliminating them from the body.

  • It is a circulatory activator. After treatment with ozone, blood improves its ability to circulate through the narrower microcapillaries, thus improving microcirculation by platelet disagreggation.

  • In addition, the disaggregated and softened erythrocytes are in better conditions to absorb and transfer oxygen, among other factors, due to the greater free contact surface and deformability. The arterial oxygen pressure increases, and the venous oxygen pressure, thus improving cellular oxygenation. An increase in 2.3 DPG (Diphospho glycerol) is observed, which facilitates the transfer of oxygen trapped in oxyhemoglobin in red blood cells.

  • It is analgesic and anti-inflammatory.

  • It is a stimulator of tissue regeneration.

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What can we treat with Ozone?

  • Wounds and ulcers.

  • All the healing processes.

  • Burns and abscesses.

  • Infected ulcers of torpid evolution or of difficult healing, for example in diabetic foot or ulcers in diabetics.

  • Pathologies of viral origin: hepatitis or herpes.

  • Articular inflammations in Orthopedics and Rheumatology.

  • Cellulitis.

  • Situation of stress.

  • Osteoporosis.

  • Gynecology: in vulvovaginitis and vaginitis of fungal or mycotic origin.

  • Geriatrics: to increase the quality of life and for better cerebral oxygenation in symptoms such as memory loss, circulatory difficulty in legs, fatigue, etc.

  • Coadjuvant in oncological treatments.

  • General activator of the immune system Resolutory in herniated discs.

  • Finally, more recent research has found ozone useful in the treatment of glaucoma and ophthalmologic maculopathies.



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